Where I Stand

Pauline will support policies that help the continued growth and prosperity of Southwest Michigan.




For far too long, our highways, roads, and bridges have been neglected.  Our roads lay the groundwork for a vibrant economy, and delaying the work necessary to bring our infrastructure up to an acceptable standard makes conditions worse and raises costs.  As your next State Representative Pauline will work to find comprehensive solutions that will save taxpayers money & deliver the roads hard-working Michiganders deserve.


farms and small businesses

Farms and small businesses are the bedrock of Southwest Michigan.  Pauline grew up on a fourth-generation family farm where she learned the value of hard work and personal responsibility.  As your next State Representative, Pauline will work hard to slash the red tape that has strangled our family businesses and will help foster an environment where job creators can thrive.




Vocational Training

Skilled labor is in high demand throughout Southwest Michigan.  Pauline believes that we can provide educational and training opportunities to better prepare our students for careers in these good-paying and important fields.  Pauline recognizes that each student is unique and different and will work hard to ensure that they have the tools they need to succeed.     


Family is the most important and invaluable gift that this life has to offer. Our conservative values of life, love and faith begin with family. To preserve this sanctity, we must create policies that protect every generation from old to young. It is vital that our lawmakers work to make resources available and plentiful for taking care of our seniors and keeping our children safe. 

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Auto Insurance

There is no reason the citizens of Michigan pay twice as much for auto insurance as neighboring states. Pauline will fight so Michigan residents can keep more of their hard-earned money.

Pro Second Amendment

Pro Life

Pro Agriculture