Meet Pauline

Pauline is a lifelong Watervliet resident from a proud 4th generation Bainbridge Township farming family. She is an active alumni in both Watervliet High School and Michigan State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Food Industry Marketing.


Pauline learned the value of hard work at a young age working on her family farm and counseling young children at Five Pines, a local Christian day camp. Seeing an opportunity to learn more about her community, Pauline became the Programs Director at the North Berrien Historical Museum in 2014, where she educated our youth on the importance of Southwest Michigan heritage. Throughout this time, Pauline was an advocate for the community and the museum at many local city, township and school board meetings. Seeking to learn more about local government she became the Assistant Deputy Clerk for Bainbridge Township and has a deep understanding of the election process. Pauline is currently the product brand development manager at Coloma Frozen Foods promoting Michigan fruits, vegetables and agritourism throughout the country.

Pauline prides herself on giving back to her community. She served as the Michigan Apple Queen in 2007, a title given by The Michigan Apple Committee, a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting the Michigan apple and encouraging its consumption worldwide. She was raised to understand the importance of agriculture in our community by participating in The Berrien County Youth Fair and 4-H. She is also a lifelong member of Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Joseph and had the opportunity to travel to Mexico and Nicaragua as a part of house building mission trips. Additionally, she is an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and is committed to helping find a cure for type-1 diabetes

As your State Representative, Pauline would be dedicated to promoting her constituent’s conservative family values and making Southwest Michigan a place future generations can come back to and raise their families.

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